About Me – PT2


With so many inspirational buildings in and around my city, my work with iconic landmarks is ongoing…

In recent years I have also looked deeper into the emotional and historical importance of gardens, green spaces and the countryside, within which buildings often play a key role. Plants, gardens and indeed my own allotments are very close to my heart, not only being my inspiration but also my solace. Recent studies in this vein feature Stoneywell, the Ernest Gimson Arts & Crafts property recently acquired by the National Trust and the beautiful landscape of Launde Abbey in Rutland, with its ancient woodland and rolling hills providing the perfect backdrop to the stunning building and kitchen gardens.

In addition to my external exhibitions, each Autumn I host an Open Studio Weekend – it’s an informal showcase of my work together with the work of a few fellow artist friends. If you would like to receive an invitation to future events please contact me at sarah@sarahkirby.co.uk and I will add you to the invitation list.